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Health-Minded Gaming in 2014

Sometimes, we forget the world outside of gaming. As gaming enthusiasts, we still believe it's important to keep your work-game balance. Every gamer has his/her tricks to maintaining performance. Live life, eat right, socialize, and exercise regularly. You'll reap benefits and still enjoy your gaming time.

Eat Right

Before you immerse yourself, make sure to you are eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Work / Play

It's easy to forget about work and school. Make sure you keep your work-game balance.


Exercise to maintain peak performance. Take a break for a jog or some push ups. Body and mind both need to be nourished.


Keep your gaming area clean. Take showers regularly.


About Us

Battleborn was started with a simple concept. Gaming is an art and artists should be equipped with the best tools available to perform at their peak capability. We pride ourselves on engineering high quality products for gamers. Our gaming lifestyle accessories are specially designed with the comfort, design, and ergonomics in mind.